3.2 Presenter mode (HDMI; optional) Check whether the USB cable is disconnected from the computer. When both a USB cable and HDMI cable are connected to the device at the same time, the computer mode (USB-PC) is activated by default. Check whether the signal source of the projector or TV is "HDMI” input. 1. The device is powered on and is connected to a display device (projector or TV) via an HDMI cable, but no image is displayed and the device cannot enter the Presenter mode. 1) 2) Replace the HDMI cable or other display device. 3) The "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" buttons are only valid in the Presenter mode (HDMI). 4) – Scanned images are distorted, the font is twisted, or there are other distortions. The black document pad may be misaligned. Make sure it’ s positioned properly under the scanner head. You cannot scan what won’ t fit within the boundaries of this pad. What you want to scan may be too big. It must fit within the boundaries of the matte black pad. There might be interfering items in the preview area. Make sure none of the following are there: your hand, the Hand Button’ s cord, your mobile phone, a pen, etc. Only the document to be scanned should be in the scanning preview area to allow the algorithms to work properly. · · · Make sure all USB connections are firm, especially between the scanner and the PC. Make sure the PC’ s “Device Manager” recognize the scanner. If you see a yellow exclamation mark with an “Unknown Device” indication, right click it to update the drive or disable and then re-enable device, and then retry the software. Enter "device manager" , then disable the other "scanner" "camera" driver. Try restarting the PC or using a different one. · · · ·