2.2.2 Presenter mode (HDMI;optional) 1. Connect the device to power supply with the adapter, and connect it to a display device such as a projector, TV, or electronic whiteboard with an HDMI cable (do not connect the device to a PC with a USB cable). 2. Turn on the "Power" button of the device and it will automatically enter the Presenter mode. If there is no signal in the projector/TV, change the “signal source” of the projector/TV to "HDMI". 3. Function overview The" " and" " buttons on the base can zoom in/out the display image up to 12 times at 6 levels. If the paper position or text direction is incorrect, you can adjust it by moving the paper. 2.2.1 Computer Mode (USB-PC) – to control the scanner from a PC and store the scannings on its disk. Install the CZUR software on the PC. Get the CZUR software either from the enclosed CD, or from the website: http://www.czur.com →Support → ET Series.(macOS only supports downloading from website) Attach the USB cable from the scanner base to the PC. Turn everything on. · · 2.2 Work Mode